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  • SmartWhip RS Quick Disconnect (requires vehicle mount)


    Introducing the all new SmartWhip RS

    Bluetooth whip control + our superior quick disconnect = the coolest thing since long travel suspension


    If you are looking for the safest, slickest, and smartest whip for your ride look no further than the SmartWhip RS!  We have completely redesigned our popular SmartWhip to give you more features and performance.  The SmartWhip RS is controlled through our custom phone app, giving you the power to customize your whip like never before.  You can create personalized colors, choose your brake light function, turn on the S.O.S. distress signal and more, all without needing to get out of your ride!


    We redesigned our quick disconnect base to give you the fastest and most secure way to mount your whip.  Our quick disconnect is sealed with multiple o-rings to keep all the dust, sand, and water out of your whip.  The SmartWhip RS is over-engineered to make sure that when the conditions are at their worst your whip is at its best.


    All of the features that made our original SmartWhip so popular are still part of the SmartWhip RS design.  Our industry first Brake Light Function and S.O.S. Distress Signal are still incorporated to make sure you are as safe as possible.  Our rugged design offers unmatched strength and flexibility giving you the ability to fly the largest flags with confidence.  When you buy a SmartWhip RS you are buying more than just a color on top of your vehicle.  You are buying the safest and most unique whip on the market.  You've seen the rest, now try the best with the SmartWhip RS!

    SmartWhip RS Features

    • The only lighted whip integrated into your brake system 

    • The SmartWhip RS changes to RED every time you hit the brakes!

    • Able to emit the S.O.S. distress signal if you need assistance in an emergency

    • Auxillary input wire can tie your whip into your reverse lights to turn your whip white when you put your vehicle in reverse, or you can wire a dash switch to create a hard wired S.O.S. switch

    • Bluetooth control allows you to create custom colors that are perfectly suited for your vehicle

    • Color, strobe, and fade settings are all controlled via an easy to use phone app (iOS and Android) 

    • Custom anodized aluminum options and stainless steel quick disconnect base gives you a fully o-ring sealed and tool free mounting option for your whip

    • SmartWhips are made with inner and outer polycarbonate tubing giving the whip unmatched strength and flexibility

    • Fly as big a flag as you want. There are no size restrictions!  

    • The SmartWhip RS has the ability to sync with other SmartWhips. You can get all the whips on your vehicle (or your entire group) to be on the same color, or to strobe or fade in unison!

    All in one unit with an easy four wire hook up (no boxes or controllers to mount)

    Available in 4' and 6' lengths and Heavy Duty  strength 

     Custom engraving available

    1 year manufactures warranty + lifetime replacement of LEDs