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SmartWhip RS Features

• The only lighted whip integrated into your brake system 

• The SmartWhip RS changes to RED every time you hit the brakes!

• Able to emit the S.O.S. distress signal if you need assistance in an emergency

• Auxillary input wire can tie your whip into your reverse lights to turn your whip white when you put your vehicle in reverse, or you can wire a dash switch to create a hard wired S.O.S. switch

• Bluetooth control allows you to create custom colors that are perfectly suited for your vehicle

• Color, strobe, and fade settings are all controlled via an easy to use phone app (currently only iOS) 

• Custom anodized aluminum and stainless steel quick disconnect base is available to give you a fully o-ring sealed and tool free mounting option for your whip

• SmartWhips are made with fiberglass and polycarbonate tubing giving the whip unmatched strength and flexibility

• Fly as big a flag as you want. There are no size restrictions!  

• The SmartWhip RS has the ability to sync with the other whips on the vehicle to strobe or fade in unison

• All in one unit with an easy four wire hook up (no boxes or controllers to mount)

• Available in 4' and 6' lengths