Frequently Asked Questions

How strong/flexible are your whips?

SmartWhips unique combination of fiberglass and polycarbonate allow the whips to bend nearly in half with out breaking. Check out our videos to see how flexible they are.

How large of a flag can I fly?

You can fly as large of a flag as you want. In fact, we'd love to see pictures of you flying whatever flag you can fit on our whips.

What else can I do with a SmartWhip?

SmartWhips can be used for any variety of functions. From a shake weight type exercise device to a makeshift bow and arrow, there are countless uses for your SmartWhip. Unfortunately, using your whip in one of these awesome manners will void the warranty.

What is the warranty on a SmartWhip?

All SmartWhips come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers all defects. However, if your whips shows sign of abuse, water damage, or improper installation it will not be covered by our warranty. We understand that bad luck happens sometimes, so for the life of your whip will will repair broken LEDs for free and will replace other broken parts for the cost of the parts plus shipping.

What features does a SmartWhip have?

Your SmartWhip has the ability to function as a highly visible brake light. It also can emit the S.O.S. distress signal if you are broken down or stranded. They are Bluetooth controlled so you can change colors, strobe and fade settings and brake options right from your smartphone.

How do I install the whip properly?

A basic understanding of wiring is all you need to properly install your SmartWhip. All SmartWhips are powered by a RCA plug. If you vehicle does not currently have a RCA plug then you will need to install one to your 12v system through a switch and inline fuse on the positive  (+) side. MAKE SURE WHEN YOU ARE PLUGGING THE RCA INTO THE SMARTWHIP THAT THE POWER IS TURNED OFF TO THE RCA PLUG. Failure to do so will void the warranty. After you have the RCA figured out you will need to tap the brake plug into the positive (+) line of the brake wire going to your tail lights. Plug both the RCA and brake plug into the whip and you are all set to go. If you are more of a visual person check out our install video here.

I am having trouble getting my whip to work properly. It doesn't want to turn on.

Most likely your issue has to do with the ground (-). SmartWhips ground through the base of the whip to the metal of the vehicle. If your vehicle has heavy powder coat, paint, or plastic parts where you are mounting the whip you might not be getting a solid ground connection. You can either scrape some of the powder coat or paint off the frame where the whip sits or you can run a jumper ground (-) wire from the threads of the base to the ground of the vehicle. 

I'm having trouble getting the Quick Disconnect to lock into place. It seems like you need gorilla strength to fit the two together.

The Quick Disconnect has been designed to fit together very snugly to help keep dirt and grime out and to reduce any slop in the mount. They have been machined with just a few thousandths of tolerance to keep the connection tight.  If you are having trouble connecting the whip to the vehicle mount then there is a chance that too much epoxy is around the RCA plug on the bottom of the whip. If there is a ring of grey epoxy around the RCA plug then you should try carefully scraping off the excess epoxy off with an exacto knife. This should give enough clearance for the Quick Disconnect to lock into the vehicle mount. Remember to keep an eye on the condition of the O-ring on the Quick Disconnect. If it looks damaged or worn out swap it out with a replacement to keep you whip working at optimal efficiency.